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Pascale Louise created her workshop in ceramics in Nancy in 2014. In February 2015 she installed her ovens, her potter’s wheels and other tools, in the former earthenware factory Bellevue in Toul (Royal Earthenware Factory in the 19th century.) Pascale Louise Spiess was born in 1960 the Alsace where people work the land and she discovered the earth in a different way, by touching and mixing, turning, modeling and baking it.

“Rire sacré” (sacred laugh), her exhibition in Frouard in 2014, discovered her working the earth to show the laughing of women and ceramics of talking seated women.


Nowadays she continues her research with furniture, choosing china and playing with material and shapes. In 2015 the exhibition IN VIVO in the château Stanislas in Commercy presents a work of 8 hands that she realized with Lydie Chouli, Christine Ceccato and Nelly Martinelli

Conditions of visit (individuals) : Visit on your own with advanced booking
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Conditions of visit (groups) : Visit on your own with advanced booking

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