This path that is 1 kilometer long, offers extraordinary views of the surrounding landscape.


While walking in a calm and peaceful atmosphere underneath the hundred year old lime trees, you can admire the many facets of the landscape  of the Côtes de Moselle (the Moselle hills) up to the mountain ridges of the Vosges.


Several installations punctuate the walk :


-          The ecological sound terrace

-          The geological walk “Views into the invisible through the visible”.

-          The Way of the Cross by Brother Willi Gunschmann.


The 14 Stations of the Cross trace back the itinerary that Christ followed in Jerusalem, during his Passion from his condemnation to the Holy Burial, after dying on the Cross. It was made in 1952 and renovated in 1962 by Brother WILLI GUNSCHMANN. German and former war prisoner in 1945, Brother Willi wished to stay in France and joined the Oblats Missionairies to help with the reconciliation of the German and the French people. The inlays of glass splinters stand for love, brotherhood, liberty, courage, the gift to others, forgiveness and peace.


-          An orientation table offers an exceptional view of the Lorraine Plateau from the Côtes de Moselle up to the ridges of the Vosges mountains.


-          Traces of a rampart dating back to the Celtic people and an urban settlement type Vicus  with its network of Roman roads


Documents with the hiking paths are available in the tourist office on the Hill of Sion-Vaudémont.


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