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Toul is the only city of Lorraine to keep a surrounding wall. Since the antique ramparts from the third century, a major fortified town was built. The fortifications have been restored through the centuries to adapt to technical progress and the development of the city. The last rampart is composed of nine bastions and three gates. After 1870 and up to 1914, 15 forts defend the stronghold of Toul. The Porte de Metz is the only original gate of Vauban. The Water gate (18th century) presents a whole system of valves where the waters leave the town. Rebuilt in 1882, the Porte de Moselle shows a conscientious decoration with false machicolations. The Porte de France is more sober and remains worth a visit. Finally, the Porte Jeanne d’Arc was the last gate built in 1901.

Conditions of visit (individuals) : Visit on your own at all times
Pets welcome : YES
Pratique de l'activité : Outdoor

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